Meet the Chairs!

Sawyer Huckabee is a sophomore from Archbishop Hoban. He is the Joint Deputy Chair of WHO, his first conference chairing, and a returning member to CLEIMUN. Huckabee started his Model UN career in 8th grade and has attended seven conferences. Sawyer says he keeps coming back to MUN because his naturally argumentative personality flourishes in the debate aspect of Model UN. Additionally, his life theme song is Truth Hurts by Lizzo.

Jack Bernacki, a senior at Mentor High School, is the Joint President of the General Assembly. Bernacki began participating in Model UN freshman year and has attended over 20 conferences and chaired 3. Bernacki says he since he loves international affairs and security and can express that through MUN. Jack’s life theme song is Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.

Diana Lucic is a senior at Mentor High School and the head of ECOE. Lucic has been doing MUN since 8th grade and has attended 24 conferences, 5 of which she chaired. Diana loves Model UN because it allows her to meet new people, including some of her best friends. Her life theme song is Journey to the Past from Anastasia.

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