A Letter From Press

Delegates, Chairs, Teachers, and Friends,

As CLEIMUN 2020 starts to close, we wanted to thank you for another fantastic year. It is amazing to watch everyone grow, discuss, challenge, and succeed throughout the conference.

To the delegates: thank you for your energy and participation. Your confidence has skyrocketed over the past three days. We have loved seeing you develop new resolutions and work together. As Natalie Surdy talked about during the Opening Ceremony, communication is key for effective diplomacy. You have all done an amazing job of communicating with each other to reach the best solution.

To the Chairs, Presidents, and Secretary Generals: thank you for your willingness to include us in your committees for photos, interviews, and stories. Your kindness and welcoming made our job to provide stories to the public as simple as possible. You all have such strong futures as leaders and it has been a pleasure to work with you.

To the teachers: thank you for encouraging your students to participate in Model UN, your eagerness to help your students grow as leaders and for challenging them to succeed.

The 2020 Press Team is honored to have spent this conference observing, laughing, and working with you all. Thank you again for another amazing conference and we cannot wait to see you next year!

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