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CLEIMUN is a massive conference with over 200 participating delegates. If you feel a little lost, here is some information about what each committee’s topics are and who seems to be taking charge on day 1:

Security Council is dedicated to maintaining peace and global security. The Joint Presidents are Richard Perrins and Izzy Capuano. According to our press team, the group of delegates this year are very lively, eager, and friendly. However, South Africa and the United States are ones to keep an eye for! It does look like Artificial Intelligence will be the focus of debate for this committee.

ECOE, the Economic & Environmental Committee is being chaired by Diana Lucic with Deputy Chair Sophia Almhana. For the topic of protecting endangered species, many countries seem to be discussing resolutions. For the environmental impact of genetic engineering, however, is being led by South Sudan.

Human Rights Council is chaired by Logan Sidone with Deputy Chairs Zeke Schmiedl and Abigail Krempa. This year, HR is discussing the question of rights of the disabled, displaced and orphaned children in areas of conflict, the freedom of press regarding international journalists, and the question of prisoners’ rights. According to our sources, Greece is taking charge of a lot of these conversations, and the discussion of the freedom of the press seems to be the favorite topic.

Political discusses topics on a global scale. Head Chair is Courtney Dixon with Deputy Chairs John Foertch and Connor Stanton. They will be moderating the discussion of international disinformation campaigns, intellectual property theft, the appropriateness of racial profiling in public policy, and the rise of religious nationalism. South Sudan and South Africa are taking over yet another committee and leading the discussion.

Disarmament and International Security, DISEC for short, is chaired by Evan Cihlar with Deputy Chairs Jack Stalla and Ryan McMacken. Ukraine, Canada, and Australia seem to be starting an alliance to create warehouse to deactivate weapons, and Russia has become a country to look out for in this committee. Another large topic for this committee is the discussion of terrorism and state-sponsored cyber attacks.

World Health Organization this year is being chaired by Daniel Bordenkircher with Deputy Chairs Aris Dashiell and Sawyer Huckabee. Starting off strong, the Delegation of Mexico was the first to submit their resolution to the Approvals Panel. Pakistan and Columbia are taking charge of the climate change discussion, and Brazil has already begun writing a new resolution.

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